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   Town Council funded riverbank works completed    October 18, 2013

Works to repair the banks of the Bollin River flowing through the Carrs has now been completed. 

This vital work coordinated expertly by the Friends of the Carrs group received grant support of £10,750 earlier in the year from Wilmslow Town Council.

The Town Council as the primary funding body are delighted that the Friends of the Carrs group have been able to manage this project, undertaken by contractors and volunteers to a satisfactory conclusion.

Further details below provided by the Friends of the Carrs


Willowbank Services were concentrating on a number of sections that we had identified as needing attention due to erosion by either the river or dogs. They were using a different technique of utilising 'faggots' or bundled up brush to trap sediment and strengthen the bank. The contractors also carried out repairs to one of the sites that the EA worked on in 2010 and that had been washed out during a flood. They had to re-visit this site as the ground was so hard they couldn’t put any stakes in the bank to strengthen it! Hopefully this issue is now resolved and the repairs will stop further erosion this winter.

The willow spiling (weaving cut willow around willow stakes) completed by the Bollin Valley Partnership with the FOTC has been really successful and we have seen a big reduction in erosion at these sites. This year we have been concentrating on pruning the forest of willow created plus bulking out areas that are still under attack from the elements. We have also trialled fencing off a short stretch of riverbank which we have been working on; seeding and willow spiling to stop the erosion by dogs. This is hopefully only a temporary measure.

'Taming' the River Bollin is a continual problem throughout the catchment due to the sandy nature of the riverbanks and bed. We want to let the river run its natural course as much as possible and only aim to encourage the river away from areas of heavy use.
Emma Houghton 

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